Greetings and Welcome to Shaman's Rainbow Passage!

Greetings and Welcome to Shaman's Rainbow Passage!

Greetings and Welcome to Shaman's Rainbow Passage!Greetings and Welcome to Shaman's Rainbow Passage!

"I highly recommend Carol as a teacher, adviser, friend, mentor, lovely person, and I could go on!! I began taking classes from Carol in the fall of 2018 and it has been life changing. Carol is patient; You can tell her joy in teaching and engaging with her students is genuine. Her own joy of life is contagious! I feel better prepared to continue on my journey due to having spent time with her, and I feel strong in my knowing that if anything does come up that I am not sure how to handle, that she will gladly assist in any way that she can. I will take as many classes and workshops from Carol as possible!!"


"Carol has been a godsend. I was severely depressed when I first came to Carol, but after receiving a soul retrieval from her, I have regained my joy for life. Since then I have had the pleasure of taking her shamanic apprenticeship course and Munay Ki Initiatory Rites, which have helped me come back into my personal power and cultivate a loving balance in my life. Carol is one of the most beautiful souls I've had the honor of knowing. She really cares about your well-being. and she has this sixth sense of knowing when you need a few words of encouragement. She has a wealth of esoteric knowledge and really knows how to ease her students into these topics. If you are looking for a shaman, teacher, or both, then look no further because Carol is the real deal!"